Call for papers

Multinationals and local firms spawn digital innovations but face different challenges in achieving the best-fit scale. Grassroot digital innovations can potentially lead to the development of global solutions using conscious institutionalization and orchestrated diffusion initiatives. Likewise, mass global technology solutions can be creatively localized allowing digital initiatives to become more socially and economically inclusive, mPESA and PayTM being exemplars. ICIS 2020 aims to bring together thought leaders, researchers, and technology champions to debate ways that can enable the forging of the local and the global to create a shared, equitable digital future for citizens of the world.

We invite you to submit completed research papers or short papers to ICIS 2020. Both types of papers will be presented at ICIS 2020. The conference will also include Panels, a Practitioner track, Professional Development Workshops, and a Paper-a-thon, in addition to 20 tracks covering all areas of IS research. The submission site is at: Please refer to more information about tracks at

Conference Chairs
Rahul De, IIM Bangalore, Honorary Conference Chair
Joey George, Iowa State University
Souren Paul, Nova Southeastern University

Important Dates
Submissions Open: February 12, 2020
Submission Deadline: May 3, 2020
Acceptance Decisions: July 30, 2020
Deadline for Final Papers: September 8, 2020

Conference Venue
The Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC)

Program Chairs
Elena Karahanna, University of Georgia
Gal Oestreicher-Singer (Tel-Aviv University)
Suprateek Sarker (University of Virginia)


  1. Conference Theme Track: “Making Digital Inclusive: Blending the Local and the Global”
  2. General IS Topics
  3. Digital Learning Environments and Future IS Curricula
  4. Societal Impact of IS
  5. IS in Healthcare
  6. Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and Intelligent Augmentation
  7. Cyber-security, Privacy, Legal and Ethical Issues in IS
  8. IS in the Workplace and the Future of Work
  9. User Engagement, Use Behaviors and Consequences
  10. Blockchain, DLT and Fintech
  11. Social Media and Digital Collaborations
  12. The Sharing Economy, Platforms, and Crowds
  13. Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Business Models
  14. Digitization in Cities and the Public Sector
  15. Implementation and Adoption of Digital Technologies
  16. Governance, Strategy and Value of IS
  17. IS Development and Project Management
  18. IoT and the Smart Connected World
  19. Advances in Methods
  20. Digital Commerce and the Digitally Connected Enterprise
  21. Panels
  22. Professional Development Workshops (PDW)
  23. Practitioner Track
  24. Paper-a-thon

Journal Publication

The AIS Policy on Conference and Journal Publication encourages conference papers to be published in journals. This policy applies to AIS conferences (there are no copyright issues to prevent your AIS conference paper from being published in any journal (AIS or not)), and to AIS journals (there are no restrictions preventing you from submitting your conference paper to an AIS journal). Many non-AIS journals have similar policies, so you can submit your AIS conference paper to them. The policy and list of non-AIS journals with similar policies, is available at the Policy page.