ICIS 2020 Session Chair/Presenter Zoom Meeting Guide

All paper sessions will be held via Zoom. Session Chairs, as well as Technical Support Staff will be on hand to make sure the sessions run as seamlessly as possible.
  • Please join the session 8-10 minutes in advance
  • Throughout the session, the chat box will be activated for Q&A directed to presenters. Please include the paper sequence (i.e.P1, P2,P3) when asking a question.
  • All participants will be muted throughout the session. Presenters will be unmuted by staff and session chairs as their opportunity to present comes up.
  • If additional questions are sent via the chat box but can’t be addressed by the presenter due to time constraints, please feel free to continue the conversation via the AIS eLibrary. Questions should be asked directly on each paper’s proceeding.
  • In order to present/attend, all authors are required to register for the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I access the ICIS 2020 Conference App?
    • The desktop version of the ICIS 2020 Conference App can be accessed here (https://event.crowdcompass.com/icis2020). You must use the same email ID as used for conference registration. Be sure to adjust the time-zone setting in the app, so that the days/times in the conference schedule reflect your device’s time zone.
  • How do I access the Zoom meeting link for my sessions?
    • All Zoom meeting links are included in the conference app, in each session respectively,
  • What happens if the Session Chair loses connection during the session?
    • Session Chair responsibilities shift to authors of the first paper.
  • Will author-videos be played during the session?
    • Yes, author-videos will be played by the Tech Support Staff directly from the eLibrary.
  • Who will play the author-videos?
    • The Tech Support Staff will play author-videos as directed by the Session Chair.
  • Do Q&A’s take place immediately following a paper presentation or at the end of the session?
    • Yes, the Session Chair should facilitate Q&As immediately following each paper presentation.  In general, 2 to 3 minutes per paper can be allotted to Q&A, at the discretion of the Session Chair.
  • Are questions submitted to authors via Zoom chat?
    • Yes, questions should be submitted in the Zoom Chat.  Authors will respond using audio (verbally).  If more questions / comment remain, then attendees can always submit questions using the Discussion Threading that has been added on every article’s landing page in the AIS eLibrary.
  • Should Session Chairs have a couple of questions prepared for each of the papers to be presented during their session?
    • Yes, definitely!  Session chairs should plan to arrive in their virtual sessions 10 minutes prior to start of the session.
  • How do I access the ICIS 2020 proceedings in AIS eLibrary?
  • Will author-videos be available to be re-played after the conference?
    • Yes, the author-videos will be available to be viewed at the start of ICIS 2020 and will remain in the eLibrary moving forward.