In the context of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2020, a Practice Development Workshop (PDW) on NeuroIS will be held. Session I will provide a concise introductory overview of NeuroIS, including recent trends. In Session II of this PDW, participants can present their research ideas and hence contribute to a discussion of the following question: What are promising future research areas and methods? Session III will summarize key takeaways and consider nextsteps. Thus, the PDW organizers actively seek to involve the research community to share their thoughts on possible future developments in the NeuroIS field, both thematically and methodologically.

Ahead of the workshop, participants are invited to submit an abstract. The following abstracts are particularly invited: (i) early-stage research (idea) that junior researchers are interested in pursuing via a NeuroIS approach, (ii) ideas for the purpose of learning whether NeuroIS is applicable to an idea (an invitation to researchers who are new to NeuroIS), and (iii) visionary NeuroIS ideas by more experienced NeuroIS scholars.1 The Session II discussion is intended to provide guidance on how to apply NeuroIS to a research idea and it offers a forum to present and reflect on visionary NeuroIS ideas.

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