Ancillary Meetings Planning

Organizing Ancillary Meetings and Workshops

As part of the 2020 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), the Association for Information Systems (AIS) is seeking participation by all Information Systems organizations to conduct an ancillary Workshop/symposium at ICIS.

For all SIG/Ancillary/Pre/Post ICIS meeting/event requests for ICIS 2020, the OAM form will need to be completed.

 REMINDER: All workshops should be submitted as workshops.

Workshops are typically half- or full-day sessions that facilitate discussion and exploration of ideas, techniques, and methodologies that advance research, teaching knowledge of IS-related concepts, or products from industry and their application to academia, educational curricula, or industry practice.

Please visit the OAM site for additional details and to submit your request.

Ancillary Meeting Schedule*

Decide if your group wants to be part of the official ICIS 2020 Virtual Conference.Now
Begin the OAM application process. Submit as much information as you have or your best estimates; you can always come back and adjust later.As soon as possible to reserve your space.
Complete the registration portion of the OAM application.September 7, 2020
Finalize details.November 5, 2020

*Dates subject to change.

Should you require assistance or have questions during this process, contact Jordan Alexander at

ICIS 2020 Ancillary Meeting Chairs

· Attendees will have the convenience to book during the ICIS registration process, or to add your event to their itineraries after registration.
· Scheduled registration reports
· Weekly registration numbers posted on the conference site
· Processing Payment
· Refunds
· Scheduled financial reports
Meeting Planning
· Virtual logistical planning
· Use of GoToMeeting / Zoom platform, if scheduled during the available time frame provided on the OAM site
· Scheduled tech check session provided pre-conference
· Staff/Technical Support in each “room, if scheduled during the available time frame provided on the OAM site
Ancillary Meeting Registration Reports
Once the ICIS 2020 registration site is live, we will post the number of registrants on the “Ancillary Meetings” page on the ICIS 2020 website by end of the day, every Tuesday.
You will receive a full report with names, dietary restrictions, email address (TBD), before the conference begins.

– Week of Oct. 26 – 1st Report
– Week of Nov. 29 – 2nd Report
– One business day before your meeting – Final Report

Meeting Planning Coordination Fee
· No planning coordination fee – Only applicable to AIS related groups such as journals, affiliated conferences, AIS business meetings, etc.
· $75 – All others (Standard fee reduced from $250+ for ICIS 2020)